For all of you who are new to this concept let us start by explaining what exactly is a furry fandom. It has a set of activities where people dress up like furry animals that showcase human personality traits like walking, talking or eating. Over the past few decades furry fandom activities have emerged as a subculture which intrigues people with fictional fantasies.

This concept first originated in 1980 as a part of a science fiction convention. It later resulted in formation of groups of people meeting at different science and comic events. To give you an idea of what exactly happens at a furry fandom here is a list of activities that we have put together.

Starting a Nonprofit Cosplay Club

If you're thinking of starting your own nonprofit cosplay club, there are a lot of ways that you can go about this. First you need to formally organize your club, then start promoting it so other people can join. One of the best ways to do this is by having a website where people can learn about the club.

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As always, with anything, if you're got questions feel free to ask us on any specifics in order to get your cosplay club up and running and your website too!



Individuals who have the gift of craft skills can get together and create different plush toys or even elaborate costumes that others can wear at a furry fandom. These costumes are even supplied for parades, fundraising events, and dances.



Fandom characters also known as Fursonas are used for online role playing through internet forums or electronic mailing lists. There are a variety of characters created by fans which allows them to indulge in a long lasting online role playing sessions. These can also be found in virtual games.



One of the most usual activities that you can enjoy at a furry fandom is dressing up as your favourite character. These individuals meet up for an annual convention where people either dress up as superheroes, animals or even real life things.